It is my desire to view nature through nature’s eyes…to truly become a part of the very earth, thus to view the inner surfaces and the life elements.

Isamu Noguchi

My prints of overlaying grain patterns are an integrative process developed over several years of experimentation. My aesthetic perspective is drawn from the patterns seen in the wood because the grain, color and feel of the surface yield to the vision of the artist.

The grains inspire powerful images of naturalistic forms which to me express the reverence, wonder and beauty of the natural world. My work has been influenced by Japanese wood block prints as well as prints done by the German expressionist’s movement.

The printmaking process occurs in several steps.

First, wood grain patterns of interest are identified on boards of Australian Cypress, a unique character-filled softwood.

Wood blocks containing these patterns are then cut from the boards and lightly sanded to prepare them for printing.

Finally, several patterns are multiply printed in different registrations on paper made from the fibrous Kozo (Mulberry) plant strong enough to withstand several layers of oil ink yet sufficiently transparent to reveal the subtleties and overlays of the various selected wood grains.